icona AFRICA Intense Black Tan

AFRICA Intense Black Tan

Tanning activator with bronzer

Face&Body | 200ml – 15ml

The charm of Africa in a velvety touch for a particularly dark tan. 

Really intense tanning

The synergy generated by the the activators and the bronzer, guarantees a deep tan, right from initial exposure to the sun.

extract of plant origin

From the fascinating land of Africa, extracts of Baobab and Cola moisturize and nourish your skin, enhancing its splendour. 

Soft texture

Its soft texture, it is rapidly absorbed, enveloping your skin in a veil of silk and intense, vibrant fragrances. 


The activators of the MySun line have always been synonymous with efficacy, glamor, sophisticated actives and respect for the skin, thanks to the selection of ingredients with multiple properties.